About Us

Our Value
Through our unique consultation, we help you discover:
  • What specific types of jewelry you truly love
  • Why you prefer certain styles, gemstones, metals
  • How to make purchases that match your style in the future
  • How to obtain maximum use, value and benefit from jewelry you already own
Whom We Best Serve
We best serve:
  • People who love distinctive, unique jewelry of superior craftsmanship
  • People who are looking for jewelry that compliments their taste and style
  • People who want to become educated so they can make intelligent jewelry purchases
  • People who own jewelry that they rarely wear, but want help transforming those pieces into customized jewelry they will treasure for a lifetime

What Makes Us Different
Unlike retail jewelry stores that show you item after item (hoping you stumble across something you like), we spend time consulting with you before showing you any pieces. Once we have discovered what you like, why you like it, how you will wear your new item, and how often you wish to wear it, we will either find you the ideal item or build a custom item just for you.

You see, each piece of jewelry is (and should be) as unique as the subtle differences in each of our customer’s tastes, desires and styles.

Our ability to locate one-of-a-kind pieces, combined with our in-house manufacturing, gives Craig Personal Jewelers a distinct advantage over other stores. We are not limited to carrying "common" or "in-vogue" items. The benefit to you is personalized, private buying opportunities with a person who knows you and your preferences, and will take the time to find or create a piece of jewelry that you will wear proudly and often.